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Please read rules, requirements, contract, etc. first and call with any questions

Upcoming Holidays for daycare:

NO DAYCARE 11-25 to 11-28 for Thanksgiving

NO DAYCARE 12-24 to 12-26 for Christmas

NO DAYCARE 12-31 to 1-2 for New Years.

Halloween TRICK-OR-TREAT Playtime!

We will be offering daycare on Halloween night (Sunday 10-31) from 4-8pm so you can go trick-or-treating. There is a $20 fee and may not use daycare package days. Must already be approved daycare dogs only. Please call or email to get on the list, spaces are limited!

New for daycare:

We are still in our first year and working through some growing pains (dog capacity numbers, staffing, daycare rules, hours, boarding capacity, etc.)  Rules/requirements are subject to change based on need.  Thank you for your understanding!


Weekend daycare will be reserved for “regulars” who come to us during the week. We are too heavy with boarding dogs and have less staff on weekends, so daycare will usually be limited on Saturdays and Sundays.  Please call if you are unable to reserve and need a weekend day. 

Please Note:  we do not allow dogs that regularly attend or have recently attended another daycare to attend our daycare. This will help reduce the spread of any illness.

We do our best to accommodate the days everyone wants and also keep the groups at reasonable, safe numbers. We do have a lot of “random day” dogs that pop up on the schedule, which makes it difficult for planning. If you are not on a set schedule and do not need Weds or Friday, please try to choose another day, as weds and Fridays overbook. If you are able to stay on a regular schedule at all, that would be appreciated. Please remember to book ahead of time and call with any questions or issues.

Thank you all for your understanding as we work through our growing pains! More information to come.

Daycare Rules, Prices and Packages:

*First day of daycare is discounted.  This is when we assess the temperament of your dog to make sure they will be happy here and a good fit for daycare! For your dogs first day, we request that you arrive as early as possible (preferably before 8am) so they can be one of the first dogs in the play area.  This makes it easier on them to be introduced to all the other dogs.

For all "regular" daycare dogs, for the best play experience, it is also recommended for your dog to arrive as early in the day as possible.  Even after just a few hours of playing, the dogs that have been here are getting tired and not as receptive to other freshly energetic dogs wanting to start playing.  This can create undesired behaviors which may cause them to be removed from the room.  To keep everyone safer and have a more enjoyable play day, ALL daycare dogs must be dropped off by 9am (10 am at the very latest for special circumstances).  We cannot accept late entries.  We do this to keep things safer and more fun for your dogs! 

Please make your reservations online or by calling/texting/emailing as soon as possible as we do limit the number of big dogs per day.  First come first serve unless you have a monthly pass, then you are guaranteed a spot every day.  We recommend doing your reservations on the weekend for the upcoming week. 


*All dogs over 1 year of age attending daycare must be spayed/neutered and bring documentation of current vaccinations, including kennel cough. 

We also recommend Canine Influenza, Lepto, flea and heartworm prevention and negative stool.

(Puppies up to one year of age are welcome to play before being spayed/neutered, as long as we do not start seeing signs of aggression, dominance, marking, etc.  If your female goes into heat before she is spayed, she will not be allowed to play in daycare until the entire cycle is complete).  For puppies to be able to start daycare, it is required that they are fully vaccinated with Rabies, distemper and Kennel cough.  This is usually all completed by 4 months of age depending on the schedule your vet has your puppy on.  

*5 and 10 day passes can be used as needed and do not expire.  No refunds on packages unless we determine that your dog is no longer able to participate in daycare. 

*Biggest Savings!! Monthly pass is for unlimited daycare and includes one free bath and nail trim per month. Saturdays and Sundays are included, as well as any Holidays we are open. Does not include overnight boarding. Good for 30 days from date of purchase. 

Monthly Unlimited Pass $490

Each Additional Dog Add $340

*****Before making a reservation for your first trial day of daycare, please call to make sure we have room!  We try to not have too many new trials on the same day. We are currently not accepting any big dogs for "regular" daycare and starting a waiting list. We are still doing trials before boarding. There is also a link below to our daycare contract and liability waiver.  Please view, print and sign to bring to your first day.  If you do not have a printer, we will have you sign a copy when you arrive.  Thank you! ******

Daycare/Boarding Contract/Waiver

Register/ Reservations/Appts 

Full Day Daycare (over 6 hours)

Single Dog

1 day      $28     

Each Additional Dog Add $18

5 Day Package $130

Each Additional Dog Add $80

10 Day Package   $240

Each Additional Dog Add $140

Half Day Daycare (less than 6 hours)

Single Dog

1 Day   $17

Each Additional Dog Add $12

5 Days   $70

Each Additional Dog Add $50

10 Days   $120

Each Additional Dog Add $80