Dogz Gone Wild

Boarding is not able to be reserved online.

Please call 315-935-6245 or email [email protected] for all boarding reservations. 

If you are new, registration is at bottom of page.  Please read everything and print/sign paperwork to bring to your first visit. Thank you!  

Overnight Boarding:

Boarding- per night:

Please note: Any boarding reservation that includes a holiday will include a "holiday" charge of $25

Standard suite $35 - Add $25 Each additional dog if separate, $20 for additional dog if in same kennel

XL Suite – (these are limited) $40 - Add $30 Each additional dog if separate, $20 for second dog if in same kennel

Cat (or other small animal) $25 - Add $15  Each additional cat (same household)

****For pickup after 12pm, an additional charge of $15 will be added****

If you do not arrive by closing time on the day your dog is scheduled to go home, if someone is available to stay late and wait, you will be charged a late fee of an additional $15.  If no one is available to stay after hours, your dog will be brought back to a kennel and spend an additional night. 

*All pets must bring proof of current vaccinations, including kennel cough vaccine for boarding. We do recommend Canine Influenza, Lepto, Flea/Heartworm prevention and negative fecal. 

*We ask that you bring your own food/treats (pre-packaged by serving and labeled with dogs name) to avoid any upset stomach from diet changes/food allergies/ etc. We greatly appreciate if meals are pre-packaged to the correct amount. We would prefer to not have excessively large containers or full size bags of dog food, especially if your dog is only staying a couple of nights.  Please label your dogs' food and belongings if possible.  We do our best to keep track of items brought in.  

*Medications will be given as requested.

*All boarding suites are climate controlled. Raised beds and soft blankets are provided. Daycare is included at no extra charge while they are here.  All dogs who have never been to us before are required to do a trial daycare day.   If your dog is not able to socialize with other dogs, we may not be able to board them.

Any dog with high anxiety during boarding that causes damage to our kennels or facility will be charged a damage fee and not able to board in the future.  If you know your dog is destructive, they will need to board somewhere else that has concrete/metal kennels.  Our boarding areas are all indoors materials to feel more "home like" for your pet.  (Damage fee will vary depending on degree of damage caused.)     


All dogs MUST be "people friendly".  We DO NOT board dogs that are aggressive towards people in any way! (Especially larger breeds)  We have a lot of contact with our boarding dogs as we are fully indoors and bring dogs out to potty.  We do not have indoor/outdoor runs.  They must be able to be handled by us to take them in and out of the kennel to go outside, grab their collars, attach and detach leashes, open the kennel door to feed, step into their kennel, etc.  If your dog has any problem with someone doing these things, I am sorry, they are not able to stay with us. 

*Please notify us ahead of time if your dog likes to eat blankets and soft things so we do not give them any.

*Standard boarding suites are approximately 5ft x 6ft, and a few are 4ft x 6 ft.

*XL boarding suites are 5 x 8 ft and are generally reserved for the giant breeds or if you have two large dogs you would like kept together in the same one.

*Cat accommodations are in a separate room from where the dogs are, each approximately 2ft x 4 ft. Litter box, bed, toys and dishes and treats provided.

*You are welcome to bring anything from home that your pet would feel more comfortable with.

*Please call with any questions. If your situation does not fit into the categories above, please call and I can book for you!

Daycare/Boarding Contract/Waiver

Register/ Reservations/ Appts 

Please call or email for all boarding reservations.  Online booking is only for daycare. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any dog who has never been to us before and will be boarding with us will need to do a trial daycare day/meet and greet before their stay. Please call to make your reservation. If your dog is not able to socialize with other dogs, we may not be able to board them, especially during peak/holiday dates. Please call to discuss. Thank you!